Computer Forensic Resources has a Computer Forensic Expert In Eagan specifically for you, ready to provide you with Computer Forensic Examinations that will hold up in court and show the truth of the matter to be discovered. Click Locations to find the Computer Forensics Resources office nearest you.

What is a Computer Forensics Expert?

Computer Forensic ExpertIf you’re facing a situation involving computer-related crime of any sort — whether you’re looking at employee misconduct, fraud, hacking, cyberstalking, financial tampering, or worse — you need someone who can follow the digital trail to find the legal evidence you need.

As computer forensics experts, that’s what we do at Computer Forensics Resources. We help you gather digital evidence, making sure nothing is missed or overlooked. We perform forensic examinations not just on your computers, but also on smartphones, tablets and all other electronic devices, all with the aim of finding the answers you need.

We also provide expert witness testimony in depositions and court proceedings when needed. We will handle any number of data sources to assist you in building your case at any stage of investigation or litigation. No matter how sensitive or complicated your situation is, we handle it with the utmost of discretion and experience.

How Can Our Computer Forensics Experts Help You?

As computer forensics experts, we put all our expertise and experience to work to help you with tasks that very few people have the skills to handle. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you.

•Tracing Hackers.

We’ll dig through all the digital evidence — and physical evidence as well, when it’s present — to find the people who attacked your computer network. We’ll uncover what actually happened and when it occurred.

•Gathering, Organizing and Maintaining Evidence

Our forensic methods let us gather your electronic evidence through a process of forensic discovery for presentation in court. Whatever the amount and complexity of your data, we’ll collect it, organize it and keep it safe until needed for legal purposes.

•Recovering Data

Have you lost data inadvertently through mistaken deletion? Do you believe your electronic data has been manipulated? Whatever your situation, we dive deep into the digital clues left behind to uncover the critical data you need, restoring it from damaged or erased hard drives and preserving it for legal action when needed.

•Providing Expert Forensic Testimony

In addition to providing expert witness testimony we are also prepared to write affidavits, opinions and investigative reports for your attorneys or insurance representatives, and we also review others’ investigative reports to help you assess your situation honestly and accurately.

Call us at Computer Forensics Resources whenever you find yourself facing even the possibility of computer-related crime. We’re here to get you through it.

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