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At Computer Forensics Resources, New York Office, We have years of Experience Providing Services for all case types comprising Fortune 500 Companies, Law Firms, Attorneys litigating Family Law, Divorce Cases. We supply Computer Forensic Services for Individuals & Families, Small Businesses, Government Agencies and Medical Facilities of all sizes. Contact our firm and let Computer Forensics Resources be your Computer Forensic Company: (646) 783-3471

In Computer Forensics Investigations, Evidence Acquisition is key to successful litigation. Courts have determined that only evidence acquired that meet Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Civil Rules of Procedure will be admissible. Computer Forensics Resources has never had evidence deemed inadmissible by a court of law due to evidence mishandling. It is critical that the evidence for your computer forensic investigation be acquired in a manner that meets or exceeds FRE / FRCP Rules. We also have Computer Forensic Experts available for written court opinions, depositions (either by phone or in person). Contact Computer Forensics New York for more information. (646) 783-3471

The goal of computer forensics is to explain the current state of a digital artifact; such as a computer system, storage medium or electronic document. The discipline usually covers computers, embedded systems (digital devices with rudimentary computing power and on-board memory) and static memory (such as USB pen drives). Computer Forensics New York can deal with a broad range of information; from logs (such as internet history) through to the actual files on the drive.

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