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Computer Forensics Resources specializes in providing the following computer forensics services:
Computer Forensics Services

Computer Forensics

You believe that there is a problem – Do you need a Forensics Investigation?
Mobile Forensics Services

Mobile Forensics

As an area leader in mobile forensics, we are able to help you retrieve virtually anything from both phones and tablets, regardless of make, model, or operating system.
Data Recovery and Remote Services

Evidence Acquisitions and Remote Services

We collect, safeguard and transport physical evidence, as well as offering remote service.
Electronic Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

One of the truths of the information age is that data may be lost temporarily, but it is rarely lost permanently.
E-discovery computer forensic services


Electronic Discovery is a process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence.
Remote Services for Data Breach Forensic Services

Incident Response

Your organization is under cyberattack. Your network is filled with malware and your data has been compromised. What do you do?

At Computer Forensics Resources, we have all the necessary resources to perform computer forensic analysis and computer forensic investigation for: Legal Firms, Small Businesses and Large Corporations, Law Enforcement, Universities, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Hospitals. You may have data security requirements that exceed the training of your Information Technology (IT) department or the local computer technician who is performing data recovery. Our forensic examiners at Computer Forensics Resources are certified and have multiple years of experience performing computer forensic analysis. We also provide computer forensic services for Individuals, Families and Family Law.

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All Kinds of Computer Forensic Investigation Services Under One Roof

At Computer Forensics Resources we offer nationwide locations for evidence collection, investigation and analysis. We have Computer Forensic Experts available for investigating computers and other electronic media to find evidence for divorce cases, employment cases like wrongful termination cases, intellectual property theft, suspected computer hacking, security breech and more.

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