Forensic Electronic Data Recovery Services

One of the truths of the information age is that data may be lost temporarily, but it is rarely lost permanently. An accidental file deletion can often be recovered. Even intentional efforts taken to permanently delete data, including physical damage to the data storage device, can potentially be recovered. Computer Forensics Resources is an expert at recovery of deleted data or lost data due to failures and damage.

Individual File Recovery

The most common way that people lose data is by accidentally deleting a file. Files often lost this way include Office documents, pictures, web browser history, e-mails, social media chat logs, videos, and work related files. When backups don’t exist, our experts have the tools and experience to find the lost data and recover most or all of it.

Forensic Recovery

Sometimes deleted files aren’t accidental. When someone is engaging in illicit behavior, either at work or in their personal life, it is common for them to go out of their way to delete any evidence of that behavior. In such cases, the data is often not only deleted, but additional efforts are taken to completely scrub the storage device of the data. Such efforts may include reformatting of a hard drive, rewriting new data over the old data multiple times, or even intentionally damaging the storage device. At Computer Forensics Resources we are familiar with these tactics and can usually even recover data that has been intentionally deleted. We regularly work with individuals, businesses and law firms that are seeking proof of illicit behavior, and can uncover the exact evidence sought.

Damaged and Failed Drives

Data storage drives are highly susceptible to damage and failure. Many standard hard drives fail in less than a decade, just with normal use. Furthermore, damage from overheating and power surges is also quite common. Recovering data from storage devices that have been physically damaged or have degraded requires specific tools and skills. The experts at Computer Forensics Resources have those tools and skills and have an excellent record of recovering the majority of data from damaged drives.

Device Types

In the modern day, data is stored on a wide variety of devices, which means it is also deleted from a wide variety of devices. Our experts can recover data from computer hard drives, cell phones, USB thumb drives, external hard drives, raid servers, camera cards, memory cards, scratched discs, and even from electronic devices like smart watches. Our ability to work with a multitude of devices ensures the security of your data, no matter what type of media you prefer.

Beginning a forensics investigation involves

Identify all electronic devices that could potentially contain evidence.

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • External Hard Drives
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Cell Phone/Smart Phones
  • USB Memory devices

Feel confident that in most instances

  • Deleted files are Recoverable
  • Data recovery can happen even after a hard drive has been formatted or repartitioned
  • In many cases encrypted files can be decrypted
  • Websites that have been visited can be determined
  • What files have been downloaded and viewed can be determined
  • When files were last accessed and modified can be determined
  • Faxes sent or received on a computer can be discovered
  • Email messages and attachments even if previously deleted can be discovered
  • Recovery of financial records and other documents
  • Social Media Instant Messaging chats can be documented

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One of the truths of the information age is that data may be lost temporarily, but it is rarely lost permanently.