Mobile Forensics and RecoveryIn many cases, cell phones are essentially an extension of self. From using email and social media to keep up with friends and family to storing sensitive work information and personal details, smartphones are now used for just about everything.

While a major convenience in modern life, cell phones are also a valuable way to learn more about those involved in a criminal case or internal investigation. Containing components of an individual’s entire life, the data captured within a cell phone is often invaluable in the course of forensic examination.

As an area leader in mobile forensics, we are able to help you retrieve virtually anything from both phones and tablets, regardless of make, model, or operating system. Our industry-leading techniques are designed to crack any device, helping you to obtain hidden, encrypted, or deleted information. Ideal for individuals, law enforcement, legal firms, large and small business, hospitals, and more, we can help you find what no one else can.

Mobile Forensics Experts

As cell phone capabilities grow, so does the field of mobile forensics. A vital part of modern criminal and legal investigations, the information captured within a smartphone or tablet can be the key to implication or exoneration.

Our approach to forensics is comprehensive, ensuring no stone goes unturned throughout the course of our work. We feel confident that, in most circumstances, deleted files are recoverable, data recovery is possible even in the case of damaged or compromised devices, and usage history, including apps, website searches, and correspondence of all forms, is retrievable. From easily accessible records to buried or erased files, we’re able to restore almost anything.

Investigative Tools and Techniques

Our tools and techniques are designed to provide thorough data recovery that goes beyond what’s on the surface. In order to achieve the highest possible degree of completeness, we utilize a targeted, structured approach to ensure every aspect of use is fully covered throughout the investigative process. Based on the needs and expectations of our clients and the information desired, we can optimize workflow to provide results specific to any examination.

General mobile forensic services include:

  • Data recovery and organization
  • Usage logs
  • Deleted data recovery
  • Detection of spyware, malware, keyloggers, and other nefarious applications
  • Remote access and activity
  • Keyword searches

Chip-Off Services

In some instances, devices must be disassembled to access the flash memory of the phone. While invasive, chip-off forensic procedures allow us to physically remove the flash memory chip, rebuild the data, and provide you with the contents.

JTAG Services

Short for Joint Test Action Group, JTAG forensics refers to an advanced data acquisition method that involves connection to Test Access Ports on a device in order to transfer data stored on connected memory chips. This provides full access to the information maintained on a phone for comprehensive analysis.

Forensic Expertise in Any Investigation

When you need help with a phone, tablet, iPod, or other mobile device, we’re prepared to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With the ability to recover, decrypt, reconstruct, and present records of app use, messaging content, email transmissions, stored photos and files, and so much more, our talented technicians can help you find the data you need. Please contact us today to learn more.

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Computer Forensics

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Mobile Forensics Services

Mobile Forensics

As an area leader in mobile forensics, we are able to help you retrieve virtually anything from both phones and tablets, regardless of make, model, or operating system.
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One of the truths of the information age is that data may be lost temporarily, but it is rarely lost permanently.