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The people at Computer Forensics Resources have been specializing in computer forensics for years.   This helps YOU the client in knowing that you are probably not going to send a case our direction that we haven’t had the opportunity to analyze before.. in other words.. No Surprises.  This experience allows Computer Forensics Resources to very quickly find the evidence you need to move forward in court litigation, or just to have answers, that choice is yours.  But you may be assured that you will have a final report of fully analyzed data that will give you the answers you seek.  We’ve worked with large fortune 100 corporations, law firms, police departments, federal agencies and individuals.  We have the Resources you need.  Our team of Forensic Expert have over ten years of experience, utilizing standards and methods that will assure that the analyzed data you receive from us, you can take to court.

Standards and Methods – Why it Matters

When you bring a case to Computer Forensics Resources we utilize industry standards and methods as approved by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology)( for the purpose of processing your digital evidence and utilize the four steps — Assessment, Acquisition, Examination, and Reporting — as outlined in NIST’s publication:  Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement 

Following these steps insures that the final report that you receive will be admissible into a US Court of Law.  Do these steps matter?  Here’s what a recent client had to say:

“Thanks for the follow-up.  My client proceeded on her own, she down loaded the hard drive and then advised the Husband of her suspicions.  Needless to say the computer disappeared, he alleged that he took the laptop to work and it was stolen from his vehicle.  Neither the Police or Child Protective Service will assist because the chain of evidence was compromised and the original computer missing.  Clients fail to follow advice.  This should be used as a testimonial to prospective clients.   Follow the right procedure and your evidence will stand a better chance getting admitted into evidence at trial.

Thanks for all your help and advice.  Daniel W. Nieroda, Sr. Esq.”

Computer Forensics Resources – We have the Resources to handle YOUR Computer Investigation.

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