Hacking Forensic ServicesHave You Been Hacked?

You don’t have to be a victim!

Computer Crime, Internet Hacking, and Wireless Hacking represent some of the more ‘ugly sides’ or ‘darker sides’ of the net. The internet can be a tremendous tool. However, like most swords, there is a double edge that can be extremely dangerous.

Most anti-virus software and/or firewalls can protect from these types of criminal activity, however, hackers can, and do, still get through the best firewalls and anti-virus software to compromise and/or steal your sensitive data, make threats against you, your business and those close to you. THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY IS A CRIME. Gathering the data to prove this requires experienced Forensic Examiners so that, once the data has been obtained, it can be admissible in a court of law.

How can you tell if your computer systems or even your mobile devices have been hacked? Look for these signs of computer hacking:

  • Your computer’s processing speed has slowed down to a crawl for no apparent reason.
  • Documents or other files appear different, as if tampered with, or they’ve been moved to new locations.
  • Applications shut down unexpectedly with no obvious explanation.
  • You experience pop-ups or other unexpected activity, again with no clear explanation.
  • You see toolbars or software on your computer that you didn’t install.
  • Your passwords stop working.
  • Money is missing from your online accounts.
  • Other people receive messages from you that you didn’t send.
  • You receive ransom messages demanding payment for the release of your computer.

Hacking on your mobile device also has clear signs that you can spot if you know what to look for:

  • Your battery drains far more quickly than usual.
  • Your volume changes while you’re speaking without any contact with the volume button, and you hear strange sounds.
  • Your phone shows signs of activities that you didn’t instigate and which you don’t understand.
  • Your phone rings with no one on the line and no way to track the incoming call.
  • You see messages that you don’t understand or that appear to be in some kind of code and which you can’t trace.

What Should You Do If You Suspect You’ve Been Hacked?

Computer hacking, cyberstalking, and other types of cyber-attacks are dangerous criminal acts, and they must be dealt with aggressively. If your company’s computer system is hacked, you need to respond immediately.

Shut down your entire system while you contact us at Computer Forensics Resources for help. We will respond quickly to go over every bit of code, if need be, all to find the malware or other malicious code that are posing the problem. We’ll shut down keystroke logging programs, get rid of viruses and worms, add firewalls and other protective measures, and help you reinstall software and back up data to keep you safe going forward.

Computer hacking is serious, and it’s not something to deal with alone — not if you want it to keep from occurring again. Make us your first call if you’re hacked. We’re there to help.

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