We collect, safeguard and transport physical evidence, We Offer Remote Service !!

  • We also assist in acquiring electronic data on site and securing it to ensure a proper chain of custody and admissibility.
  • We can’t be everywhere but that does not mean that we cannot assist you or provide to you the forensic services that you require or need.

Imaging is the industry-accepted standard for the preservation of digital evidence. The image can be stored on a durable medium such as a hard drive and is used as the working copy for examination and production of evidence.

Imaging of the evidence, coming from but not limited to:

  • Hard Drives
  • Back-up Storage Media
  • Databases
  • E-mail Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Internet Sites
  • Personal Digital Devices (cell/smart phones)
  • Digital Cameras
  • Fax Machines

Many of our clients’ cases do not start out as legal cases but subsequently can lead to after analysis is provided. The report we provide with completed analysis will allow you to begin the process of litigation if necessary to obtain compensation for what you have lost.


At Computer Forensics Resources, we offer the service of being able to capture evidence via a secure remote connection. A computer forensic examiner connects to your system utilizing secure, end-to-end, 1028-bit SSL encryption to capture a forensically sound image to a target destination. Once the live, data acquisition is complete, the forensic image is given to a computer forensic investigator, corporate council or law enforcement for evidence analysis via FREE COURIER SERVICE provided through our remote service option.  Live Data Acquisitions are Real-Time Forensic Acquisitions taken from computers, servers, databases and email server applications that can’t be taken offline or leave your site. Effective data collection is a critical early step in discovery for the entire process to be not only thorough but defensible. The first part of an evidence acquisition is forensic imaging. The image is required to complete a comprehensive investigation, along with documentation and mapping of all potentially relevant data and meta data. This includes computer logs, cell phone calls, electronic mail and determining if data files were copied to other devices. This imaging process can be a remote service provided free of charge for our customers.


With the advent of E-Discovery, obtaining and preserving electronic data quickly is paramount to stopping the damage being caused by nefarious activities and saving the data to be used towards litigation. This presents a number of challenges that need to be met such as, HASH Values, saving Volatile Data (RAM) which, with today’s business servers can be more than 256GB of data… This Volatile Data (RAM) will be wiped clean if the computer that it is attached to is powered down before the the data is acquired. 256GB of RAM…That can be as much as a Whole Hard Disk Drive! Recently, however, methodology and subsequent software has been developed that meet these challenges so that a Bit-Stream Disk Image can be created while the suspect PC is turned on so that Volatile Data (RAM) will also be captured, HASH Values are assigned and the created image can then be used as evidence. This process is known as Live Data Acquisition. At Computer Forensics Resources, we have this capability. Furthermore we offer this service for Remote Live Acquisitions if we are unable to ‘be where you are.’ This also allows us to Forensically Acquire data where discretion is required and the acquisition must be completed outside of normal business hours.


Our computer forensic specialists provide expert on-scene assistance for the discovery and recovery of digital evidence. We provide our services to companies performing internal investigations. We also support legal professionals and law-enforcement agencies involved in investigations of high-tech evidence. Our services are especially valuable for situations where it is not possible to send evidence to our laboratories for analysis. Our services are also useful for cases with special requirements for collecting and handling sensitive data.


We conduct analyses of digital evidence in our own high-tech laboratory, using special software, techniques and procedures. Clients can send us seized evidence for examination. We will conduct a thorough analysis and provide a detailed report outlining the process that was followed and evidence found. Analyses of this type often support investigations in which web sites have been visited, which files have been downloaded, when files were last accessed, if attempts have been made to conceal or destroy evidence, and if attempts have been made to fabricate evidence.

Fortunately, computers remember almost everything, while it is common for there to be multiple computers in a workplace and home. Electronic evidence can be stored on any one of these devices. CFR professions walk through a series of question to help determine the devices that need to be investigated.

We will most certainly assist you in determining what devices could potentially contain evidence. Here is a list of the major data collectors.

  • Servers
  • Computers
  • External Hard Drives
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Cell Phone/Smart Phones
  • USB Memory devices

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