To better accommodate our expanding services we have a number of regional locations that will assist attorneys and clients throughout the United States. We will assist in acquiring electronic data at your site and we will secure it to ensure a proper chain of custody and admissibility should you require litigation.

Remember.. WE can’t be everywhere but that does not mean that we cannot assist you or provide to you the forensic services that you require or need. So if for some reason you are not near one of our regional locations we will still provide the assistance you need by providing a courier service to pick up your devices. All of this is done through the proper chain of custody documentation to maintain strict Chain of Custody requirements.

FREE of Charge.

Please keep in mind.. if you do not find a location near you… We offer Remote Services and Live Acquisitions. (More Info…)

Regional Office Locations

  • Deleted files are Recoverable
  • Data recovery can happen even after a hard drive has been formatted or repartitioned
  • In many cases encrypted files can be decrypted
  • Websites that have been visited can be determined
  • What files have been downloaded and viewed can be determined
  • When files were last accessed and modified can be determined
  • Faxes sent or received on a computer can be discovered
  • Email messages and attachments even if previously deleted can be discovered
  • Recovery of financial records and other documents
  • Social Media Instant Messaging chats can be documented

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