Computer Forensic ExpertAs a Computer Forensics Company, confidentiality is critical to the success of your digital forensics litigation and client/case information must be kept secret.  However, on occasion we are requested to publish reviews and testimonials from our clients.  In keeping with our standard of high customer service, where we believe our clients always come first, these are listed here:

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“Thanks for the follow-up.  My client proceeded on her own, she down loaded the hard drive and then advised the Husband of her suspicions.  Needless to say the computer disappeared, he alleged that he took the laptop to work and it was stolen from his vehicle.  Neither the Police or Child Protective Service will assist because the chain of evidence was compromised and the original computer missing.   Clients fail to follow advice.  This should be used as a testimonial to prospective clients.   Follow the right procedure and your evidence will stand a better chance getting admitted into evidence at trial.
Thanks for all your help and advice.  Daniel W. Nieroda, Sr. Esq.”

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“Good Morning Bob,
It has been my intention to write with a thank you for the referral of Steve Drexler with Drexler Document Laboratory in North Alabama. Thank you very much! I have found my answers for the suspicion or better yet intuition of knowing that there was something wrong with this Document. Mr. Drexler confirmed all. In addition he found another fault within the documents I furnished him. How does something as this happen other than the act of ones Higher Power. Twice I called your phone number. Once from the research online with the hope someone could help. The second time I was looking again and my intuition found you again on the other line. I found more, a true professional who included professionals in this task. You informed me that this was not within the scope of your specialty. You went beyond the call of duty to assist with the recommendation of Steve which was my answer to a prayer. I have no clue how our Attorney will continue this case in our favor but I have always known that my husband did not sign the document as it appeared. I want to keep you informed without cluttering your computer. I will keep it with a line of importance of an event in court and or if a settlement is reached.
Thank you to a kind professional. Ingrid”

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