Incident Response and Data Breach Forensic ServicesYour organization is under cyberattack. Your network is filled with malware, and your data has been compromised. What do you do?

A cyberattack is one of the most serious threats that any corporation or large business can face. Private data and proprietary information can be stolen. Your customers’ privacy and security can be threatened and damaged, with their financial or medical records at stake.

Responding to any kind of cybersecurity threat immediately and properly is key to maintaining your ability to continue conducting business.

At Computer Forensics Resources, we are fully prepared to step in and help you stop any data breach or cyberattack. Our incident response is rapid and thorough. Take a look at the steps we’ll take to protect your data, your customers, your business, and your brand:

We Identify and Assess the Threat

When a cyberattack begins, you may not even realize what’s happening. Clever attackers often hide their tracks, so that you initially experience only some slowdowns in your system and files behaving oddly.

We assess the threat immediately, keeping you fully apprised about what’s going on at every step of the process. We know how important it is to respond to each incident correctly, and we share your sense of urgency about getting to the root of the problem. In doing so, we draw upon our vast expertise and knowledge of the latest viruses and worms and on our team’s experience in mitigating cyber risks.

We Contain the Problem to Minimize Its Impact

As we determine the scope of the cyberattack, we take immediate steps to contain the intrusion. We disconnect your system from your network, taking care to protect your network and data. By freezing the system, we make sure that your employees don’t inadvertently modify files in a way that erases the tracks of the intruder. Our speedy action allows us the trace the attack, and it also limits the spread of the attack to protect as much as possible.

We Eradicate the Threat

Once we’ve isolated your system, our highly trained team of experts digs deep to find the root cause of the attack. It’s vital not just to stop the attack, but to eradicate all traces the attackers have left behind. Otherwise, you could experience temporary relief, believing the incident is resolved — only to find a new incident recurring only days later.

We go into your code to remove every trace of malicious code. We analyze the techniques and mechanisms the attackers used to make sure you’re protected in the future. We also provide you with a complete incident report so you understand what’s happened and what we’ve done to eradicate the threat.

We Assist With Data Recovery

After a cybersecurity attack or data breach, of course you want to get your system up and running again. We’ll certainly help with the reinstallation of your operating system and uploading of data from backups, but we do far more. We update the affected software, help you establish access control where needed, and install intruder detection software and firewalls to increase your protection.

We Help You Prepare for the Next Attack

Sadly, cyberattacks are a fact of life in the connected business world, and one incident response isn’t enough to protect you from possible future data breaches. As we wrap up our incident response, we analyze what’s needed to prevent a recurrence and look for other ways in which your system could be compromised. We help you develop a plan that involves frequent backups and system upgrades, software patches, firewalls, and security training for your users and IT staff.

When you face a cybersecurity challenge, call us at Computer Forensics Resources for the help you need to:

  • Get you through the immediate crisis
  • Defend and secure your system, data and network
  • Assess the scope of your data breach and minimize its duration
  • Collect evidence you need for possible litigation
  • Get your system running safely again

We’ll let you know what happened, what the effects are, and what to do so it never happens again.

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